07 May, 2022

How to use ultrasonic cleaner for firearms?

Any firearm cleaned manually, the probability is strong that all stains, residues, dirt and traces of oxidation will not be completely eliminated,because the majority of this waste takes place in inaccessible parts.

25 October, 2021

What’s the max continuous service time for an ultrasonic cleaner?

How long can the ultrasonic bath be used continuously for one time? It takes me five hours to extract things, and I'm afraid I might break the instrument if I use it for a long time.

30 September, 2021

Can ultrasonic cleaner be disinfected and sterilized?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of ongoing challenges in the world.

21 August, 2021

What is ultrasonic cleaning used for?

Ultrasonic cleaning is regarded as the most modern and effective method

30 July, 2021

How to use ultrasonic cleaner?

Fill stainless steel tank with liquid; Plug the cleaner into grounded outlet; After powing on,