High light

  • Built-in degas function

  • Power adjustable, pulse

  • High speed heat dissipation

  • Clear LcD

  • Durable polymer acrylic panel


Ultrasonic bath with Degas and Power adjustable function, suitable for laboratory use, cleaning beakers and other instrument, testing, crushing, emulsifying, dispersing, purifying, and speeding up chemical reactions.


  • Built-in degas function, it can eliminate the gas dissolved in the cleaning fluid, and promote the cleaning fluid to better become the medium for transmitting ultrasonic, and the cleaning effect is better

  • Power adjustable with pulse, you can adjust the appropriate power according to different items for cleaning, so as not to damage the items with too much power or clean the items with too little power

  • The new high speed cooling system makes the machine work more stable

  • LCD clearly displays ultrasound, temperature, degassing, power

  • The panel is made of high-grade durable aviation polymer acrylic material


  • Clean oil stains and rust: hardware parts, auto repair parts, molds etc

  • Circuit board/electronics: Clean the solder paste, rosin, dust, oil and other dirt on the circuit board

  • Laboratory: Clean beakers, test tubes and other utensils, emulsification, extraction, defoaming, decomposition, etc

  • Dentistry, hospital: Clean tooth sockets, pliers, tweezers etc

  • Glasses and jewelry: Clean small objects such as glasses, jewelry, watches, razors, etc


Tank Size
Overall Size
Power adjustable
Heating Power
230HTP 240x140x100 300x270x240 3 40 0-120 100 0-240 0-80
240HTP 300x150x100 380x180x240 4 40 0-120 100 0-240 0-80
340HTP 300x150x100 380x180x240 4 40 0-180 100 0-240 0-80
360HTP 300x150x150 380x180x290 6 40 0-180 300 0-240 0-80
410HTP 300x240x150 380x270x290 10 40 0-240 500 0-240 0-80
613HTP 330x300x150 390x325x290 15 40 0-360 500 0-240 0-80
820HTP 500x300x150 580x325x290 22 40 0-480 500 0-240 0-80
1027HTP 500x300x200 580x325x340 30 40 0-600 500 0-240 0-80