How to use ultrasonic cleaner for firearms?

Any firearm cleaned manually, the probability is strong that all stains, residues, dirt and traces of oxidation will not be completely eliminated, because the majority of this waste takes place in inaccessible parts. Whereas with the best ultrasonic gun cleaners, grime is thoroughly cleaned with great precision.

And besides, you only have a few minutes to bring them back to the factory shine. This is not the case with manual cleaning. In this way, you no longer need to go to cleaning stores to clean your guns, which saves your money.

Before starting to clean a firearm, it is necessary to disassemble it. After this step, you introduce the different parts into the basket which will finally be introduced into the tank of the ultrasonic bath.

Add tap water up to the maximum level and then you top up the liquid detergent. This detergent represents 3% of the cleaning liquid. This allows you to obtain a perfect result immediately. Then you select the ideal cleaning temperature. It varies between 45°C and 55C°. Start your device with a simple button and then select the duration of the cleaning using a timer.

After cleaning, take out your firearm parts and rinse them with clear water. Dry them with the air blower or with a towel.

EGSONIC is a professional ultrasonic cleaning machine factory, and supports size customization for your firearm, in addition, they will customize the appropriate ultrasonic power and heating power according to different firearm, so that the best cleaning effect can be achieved. This is better than buying a regular ultrasonic cleaner on Amazon.

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