What’s the max continuous service time for an ultrasonic cleaner?

Customer Question:

How long can the ultrasonic bath be used continuously for one time? It takes me five hours to extract things, and I'm afraid I might break the instrument if I use it for a long time.

Egsonic team replied:

The continuous use time of ultrasonic cleaner needs to be determined according to the different size of the cleaning machine. For the 0.8L to 30L lab size tabletop cleaners, the inner tanks are disposable stamped, the generators are circuit boards placed at the bottom of the tank, and the overall setup is typically ultra-small and placed on the desktop or lab ,Even though they can be used for a long time, they should not be used for production cleaning because they are not rated for 24/7 operation. Under the premise of ensuring the cleanliness of cleaning objects, work as intermittently as possible (continuous work) .

The time should not exceed 60 minutes), because the temperature accumulated in the box increases with the long time of ultrasonic, which is easy to accelerate the aging of electronic devices in the box.

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If you need an ultrasonic cleaning tank for more than an hour of continuous use, you can choose an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine. This cleaner is equipped with a heavy composite transducer and a hard clamping generator, each transducer produces a high wattage, plus fan heat, using other exciting circuit boards. Their tank is made of heavy welded stainless steel, and the generator is separated from the tank. These types of ultrasonic cleaner are basically used for production cleaning and are very effective. Increase, they can reach 8 hours of continuous use time. In addition, the size of the cleaning tank and the position of the transducer can be customized.

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