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Egsonic is professional ultrasonic cleaner factory

EGSONIC has been engaged in the ultrasonic industry in China for 11 years and has exported our ultrasonic cleaning machines to more than 100 countries through major Chinese distributors.  Now we are vigorously developing B2B business abroad, hope to cooperate directly with local dealers in various countries, as a factory, our mission is to provide high quality and competitive prices of products, long-term quality assurance, worry-free after-sales service!

EGSONIC manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners, standard PS ultrasonic cleaner, digital ultrasonic cleaner with timer and heat, analog control ultrasonic cleaner, power adjustable ultrasonic cleaner, dual-bands ultrasonic cleaner, High dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner, 38L-400L large tank industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

We offer custom service specialized for you, welcome to contact us and get our best offer.